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email marketing mistakes

7 Email Marketing Mistakes that Drive your Subscribers Away

It’s not easy to build and maintain a large email list. You’ll get new people to sign up but have you ever wondered why are you losing others? There are some things that make people unsubscribe from your email list and applying the most common marketing tactics won’t make them come back. Unsubscribers are a…

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content tips for affiliate marketing

11 Content Tips To Unlock the Full Potential of Affiliate Marketing

Ever wondered how come other people are getting more success from affiliate marketing although you’re using similar tactics? There are some things that successful marketers keep to themselves when it comes to affiliate marketing. It’s not that you’re not working hard enough or that you make mistakes but others may apply some of the following…

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affiliate blog not converting

Why Isn’t Your Affiliate Blog Converting?

Ever wondered why bloggers who start an affiliate marketing website soon give up without even making 100 sales? There is a mix of mistakes and bad tactics that lead to an inevitable project shutdown. Almost all people who start an affiliate blog have the same itinerary. They start by having an idea, acquiring a domain…

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high converting landing pages

7 Steps To Unlock The Full Potential Of Landing Pages

Creating a landing page for your product isn’t rocket science but if you want to unlock their full potential, you’ll need to respect some guidelines. Basically, a landing page is a website page where you send traffic with a specific goal. Maybe you want to sell an eBook or to get more email list sign-ups.…

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call to action placement

3 Alternative CTA Placements That Increase Conversion Rate

Are you looking for the best places to add your Call To Action in your website? Want to increase conversion rate for landing pages with the help of CTAs? Well, you should know that this can be achieved by discovering the top placements for maximum benefit. Of course every business is different and some tips…

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online presence small business

Want To Know How To Enhance Your Small Business Online Presence?

You could be just starting your small business or may be you’re trying to find ways to be more involved online. Either way, your online presence should be an established point on your marketing to-do list. Some businesses already discovered how to engage with their fans or clients so they can fight bigger competitors, but…

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overlooked places affiliate links

4 Overlooked Places To Promote Your Affiliate Links

A lot of people start working in affiliate marketing thinking it’s a fast and easy way to make money online. They start searching for shortcuts and quick ways to get a fast income from affiliate products. That strategy is wrong on so many levels and you shouldn’t follow it at all. Don’t go searching for…

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best places to find affiliate products

Where To Find The Best Affiliate Products To Sell On Your Niche Blog

There are probably hundreds of reasons why someone would start a blog in 2016. You can begin blogging to feed your passion to cook, to share market insight with others or even to help young parents to accommodate to the family life. Whatever the reason may be, your blog can drive additional income to your…

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follow-up emails not working

Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Follow-Up Emails?

A good email marketing strategy involves a follow-up sequence, right? But what can you do if your strategy isn’t working out? Are you sure you’re getting the most out of your follow-up emails? First of all, you’ll need to test it out and see if your email marketing strategy is faulty or if you need…

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Maximizing Webinar Sales With The Right Call To Action

Webinars consistently outperform traditional sales videos or sales letters…. Or at least they should when you do them right! Because a webinar is a timed ‘event,’ you get the best parts of doing a stage presentation (like a captive audience and lots of time to educate) without needing to leave the office… After writing and…

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