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video increase conversion rates

How Should You Use Video to Increase Conversion Rates

It’s no surprise to see the rising impact of video in marketing. You should use video to increase conversion rates, but if you’re not convinced by this, read this article to change your opinion. You think video isn’t converting? Think again… In 2014, 1 in 4 people who had the intent to buy from an…

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Crash Course In Bulk Email Regulations

Every week, we get tons of email from Scriptly users about what’s safe in email marketing and what’s not safe… Questions like: Is it ok to send everyone in my Gmail contact list an email? Can I do cold prospecting through email, even if I just find someone’s email on their website… Why does my…

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grow your email list

What’s The Easiest Way To Grow Your Email List?

Every few months I’ll read articles saying email marketing is close to dying. It all starts with people saying “the warnings were always here” then they’ll go on saying email marketing is going to be replaced with some new way to boost sales. But then, I’ll see a pop-up asking me to subscribe to their newsletter……

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Taking The Mystery Out Of Content Marketing

Content marketing, when done correctly, propels a reader to take action.  That might be to watch a video or purchase a product, but it’s designed with a very clear intention… To get a reader to DO something. Now, depending on where you’re learning about content marketing, you’re going to see language relating to ‘native ads’…

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5 Killer Tips For Writing Better Copy

Your ability to write marketing copy that moves people from just being introduced to you to buying from you is often the only thing standing in the way of enormous success.  After all, the dream of selling day or night, while your awake or your sleeping, is only ever carried out if there is a…

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5 Powerful Insights On Why Your Traffic Isn’t Converting

Building an email list is both highly profitable, and one of the only assets that you’ll ever have in an online, digitally-driven business. What your list does is insulate you from a lot of the changes that happen online, from ad networks not playing nice to Google deciding to update and algorithm and stop sending…

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7 Strategies For Turning Leads Into Sales

December and the early parts of the year are awesome for Internet marketers like us for one reason – traffic.  There’s more traffic online in the colder months, because a good portion of the world is trapped in doors, thanks to the freezing temperatures outside! What that means?  More leads and more sales. Oh, and…

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4 Steps To A Profitable Flash Sale

Way back when I worked at Pepsi, we used to run Flash Sales on close-dated pop… Whenever we found something that was close to going out of date, we’d slap a sticker on it for 50% off and push it in a cart up to the registers in the front. Within a few days, all…

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How To Set Up A Hidden Affiliate System

I work with a lot of people in a lot of different niches, and one of the most useful tips I give across the board is to “backend” your autoresponder with an affiliate sequence made up of offers that you get paid a commission on.  Hence, a “hidden” affiliate system. Here’s what I mean… Normally,…

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4 Steps To Writing Clickable Email Copy

Writing email copy is a pain… I’m not going to lie. Not only do you have to know exactly what you want your prospects to do ahead of time, but you also need to chain together enough emails that you can effectively promote your product or offer days in advance! Sure you can sit down…

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