2: How To Create A Lead Magnet

magnet-iconGrowing a strong email list is all about turning clicks into leads, so that you can mail to them and drive revenue into your business.

There’s a trick there though…

You have to give your visitors something of value that’ll get them to fill their email address into your optin box!

Let’s face it, the Internet is a big place and almost every topic known to man is beaten to death in various blogs, forum posts and news outlets.  What makes your lead magnet so special that they can only get it from you?

That’s what we’re going to talk about in today’s article…  And the first thing we need to cover is what constitutes a good lead magnet.

Then, of course, we’re going to talk about how to create one!

The Most Important Part Of Your Lead Magnet Is…

The first thing we need to get out in the open is that most lead magnets suck.  The reason you can’t get more than 15% conversions on landing pages doesn’t have anything to do with the page itself…

It’s your lead magnet!

Anyone can write a report titled “7 Ways To Double Your Revenue,” or “8 Conversion Hacks For Your Website.”  Take 5 minutes and cruise around online and you’ll be surprised how many similar titles you’ll find.

The key is to be specific – to let a prospect know exactly what they’re downloading – and make sure that the material is unique enough that the only way for them to consume it is to actually put in their email address, download the lead magnet, and go through it word by word.

Let’s face it…  If your lead doesn’t at least look at your stuff, they sure won’t be on your list for very long!  How many times have you downloaded something and never opened it up?

My point exactly :0)

So, rather than totally start from scratch, let’s just see if we can give the first title, “7 Ways To Double Your Revenue,” a makeover…

  • 7 Secret Persuasion Tricks To Increase Webinar Conversion
  • 7 WordPress List Building Plugins That Increase Visitor Engagement (Without Them Even Realizing It!)
  • 7 Passive Ad Networks That'll Increase Website Revenue In The Next 15 Minutes
  • 7 Email Templates To Re-Engage The Email Subscribers Who Have Already Written You Off...

See how that works?

Be specific.  Deliver value.  Get the lead.

Now, you’re smart so I’m sure you’ve already picked this up…

What does a super specific lead magnet title let you do on the thank you page?!

Add an upsell!

That’s right…  If someone just downloaded a report titled, “7 Secret Persuasion Tricks To Increase Webinar Conversion,” what do you think they’re interested in?


Which means, you can sell webinar courses, done for your services, coaching, and anything in between…

Welcome to the magic of creating sales funnels.

Now, let’s get back to lead magnets…  There are 7 different types of lead magnets that we use, with a very strong preference to #1 and #5…

Creating Your First Lead Magnet

The first type of lead magnet that we’re going to use for your campaign is a ‘report’ or a ‘guide.’

(Inside the Scriptly Affiliate Lead Generation Template Bonuses, you’ll find a lead magnet already done up for you.  You can use that, rather than creating one from scratch if you like!) 

Special Reports or Guides get great optins, they’re easy to create, and you’ve already got all of the software that you need to get one set up on your computer.

Plus, we’ve found that oftentimes a report or a guide will get cheaper, higher quality leads than a video ever will.

There are some things to take note of when it comes to creating a report to give away, including:

  • You MUST, MUST, MUST deliver value.
  • Your reader should have the ability to DO something contained in the report that will give them gratification of some kind.
  • There should be at least a little bit of bonding that takes place in the report, so your new lead gets to learn a little more about you!
  • A good length for a free report is 8 to 12 pages, normal spacing and typefaces.
  • Most important of all - it needs to focus on ONE specific, clearly identified problem!
  • And...  Make sure it contains some kind of call to action at the end of it!

With reports, the more clearly you state the benefit, the better your conversions and lead costs will be from paid traffic.

Let’s get into your step-by-step action plan:

1: Figure Out What You’re Lead Magnet Will Be About

The first thing you need to think about is what your lead magnet will be about…

There’s a fair bit of strategy that comes into play here, because you want your lead magnet to stand out among all of the other ones out there…

… And you want to use your lead magnet as a way to position you and your products correctly, since you’re going to be selling to these leads through email!

A friend of mine, Ryan Deiss, says that lead magnets should be ‘splinters’ of what you’re selling.  In other words, they should be small, little sections of the bigger product.

For example:

  • If you have a course on real estate investing, your lead magnet might be a report on "3 Ways To Find Cheap Investment Opportunities Using Free Tools."
  • If you have a coaching offer on webinar marketing, you have a lead magnet titled, "7 High Intensity Closing Strategies That'll Increase Webinar Conversions By 120 Percent."
  • If you've got a brick and mortar shop - a car dealership - your report might be "5 Things To Look For That'll Maximize Your Resale Value."

In each of those examples, the lead magnet is a small, microscopic part of the larger, overall picture!

A side benefit is, since you’re just giving away a piece or a splinter of a bigger picture, your lead magnet will be ultra-focused and easily understood by cold traffic…  Which means your conversions will be through the roof.

2: Open Up Your Editor

Now that you’ve decided on what your lead magnet will be about, it’s time to open up your word processor…

Depending on your computer and operating system, there are three different programs that you can choose from:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Apple Pages
  • Google Docs

It doesn’t matter to me which one you use.  I’m a Mac guy and prefer Pages, but it’s completely up to you.  From a functionality standpoint, they each do the same thing.

In terms of style and logistics, just use the default settings for margins and spacing.  Don’t worry about making the font bigger or changing the style.

Some notes:

  • Include an intro section.  Talk about what's going to be in the report, introduce yourself to your new reader, and make sure to talk about why what they're about to read matters.
  • Include subheadings.  Break up longer sections of your lead magnet into sections and give them sub-headlines.  This encourages consumption.
  • Write like you would to a friend.  Lead magnets serve three purposes - to educate, to bond your new visitor to you, and to sell.  Don't write them like you would a research paper or a corporate memo...

3: Write 8-12 Pages

We’ve found that your lead magnet reports should be between 8 to 12 pages long…  That might sound like a lot, but it goes by fast!

In fact, here’s a little breakdown that you can use as a model for yourself:

  • Introduction: 1 Page
  • About You: 1 Page
  • Report Core: 5 Pages (this is the meat of your report)
  • Summary: 1 Page
  • Call To Action: 1 Page

And really, the title of your lead magnet is going to give you everything you need to beef up that Report Core section.

If you’re writing a report titled, “7 High Intensity Closing Strategies That’ll Increase Webinar Conversions By 120 Percent,” simply devote a page to each of those 7 strategies and your golden!

Again, make sure to include sub-headlines to break each section up :0)

4: Include Calls-To-Action

At the end of your report, you’ll want to include a call to action to your sales video, webinar signup page, affiliate link, or whatever you’re promoting…

You want to give your reader the opportunity to read the report and then click through to continue deeper into your sales funnel.

Usually, the very last section in our reports is a “What’s Next?” section.

In that section, I invite a reader to continue on the journey by signing up for a webinar, filling out a strategy session form, or watching a video.  In each of those examples, they continue deeper on the path.

The person who opts-in, downloads your report, then reads through the entire thing and clicks through a link is an extremely hot lead.

They liked you.  They liked what you had to say.  And they’re willing to take the next step with you – which means you’re about to generate some revenue!

These are your buyers, which we talked about yesterday.

5: Add Images

After you include your call to action, it’s time to pretty up your report a little bit.

I’m not huge on adding images to every page of a report, but I do try to make my stuff at least a little bit graphically appealing.  You can go off the deep end fast, by hiring an editor and having them mock up a design for the whole report…

Typically, what I’ll do is look for Creative Commons or Royalty-Free images that correspond to the sections of my report, and drop them in.

One thing you do want to make sure to include is a picture of you!  Your readers want to learn more about you, and there’s no better way of fostering a bond than including an image of yourself…

6: Export As A PDF

In Step 2, we listed 3 different word processors you can use to write your report…  Each of them has the functionality of exporting your document as a  PDF.

For creating PDF’s in Google Docs



For creating PDF’s in Microsoft Word



For creating PDF’s in Apple Pages



PDF’s are the standard when it comes to reports.  They lock the editor so that a reader can only read what you wrote, and Adobe Reader (the program that opens up PDF’s) is on almost every computer known to man.

Plus, your more technologically proficient readers will be able to put their PDF on their iPad or Android tablet, and consume your content from there.

Not to mention, with Amazon Kindle and iBooks getting so popular, ebooks and digital files have more value associated with them.  That’s a good thing in the mind of your prospect!

7: Upload Your PDF To Share Online

The last step is to upload your PDF online somewhere, so you can share it by posting a link.

There are a lot of ways to do this…  You can upload your PDF to Dropbox.com and share it with a public link.  You can upload it to Google Drive and give it a public link.

Or, my favorite, you upload your document as a media file to your WordPress website and get your link from there.


What’s Next?

Now, you have everything you need to start writing your first lead magnet…

  • Figure out what you're going to write about...
  • Give it a title
  • Open up your favorite word processor and start writing...
  • Export it as a PDF, so your readers can download and read it.
  • Upload it online and save your link to share!

That link – the one that you have for your PDF – is what we’re going to use when we set up our email autoresponder. That link will go in the very first autoresponder message that we send out, after someone opts in.

We’ve got some other stuff that we need to get through before we get there though, so be patient :0)

If you have any questions whatsoever, or you want some help in figuring out what your lead magnet should be, let us know in the comments below. We’d be happy to help!

Talk soon,

— Jason



  • Scott

    Reply Reply September 12, 2015

    Hey Jason… hope you are having a good weekend so far. 1st. I would like to Thank You for all you are doing here in Scriptly. I really like what I am seeing so far… and I really like your “teaching style” so us “newbies” in internet marketing can comprehend the info so much better than what is often found online. 🙂

    2nd, I’m still wrestling with what Lead Magnet would be best in my case. I am building a WP site so for now I am referring everyone to my LinkedIn page. This will be my FIRST lead magnet, email campaign, FB campaign etc… even though I have had an off-line coaching practice & ministry that I am now desiring to bring on-line.

    Our best niche, I believe, to start out with is Professional Women who are feeling Overwhelmed, Unfulfilled and Searching for a better way to balance their Career, Family life, Relationships, Self-care, etc. BUT in all the keyword research I have been trying to do, I can’t tell if these are her DEEPEST PAIN POINTS or what she is searching for online. In general, “woman/women” keywords have low competition but high search volume… but again I don’t know what this specific demographic is searching for and desire to find/problems to solve.

    You will see on Linkedin, that I am also becoming more known as “The Woman Whisperer”… that isn’t hype (I always want to be in integrity and sincerity). But thankfully, I do have a definite “knack” for seeing, feeling and experiencing aspects of the life my client or prospect is experiencing, even when she doesn’t realize the extent of it. I also have been very successful with helping women begin to “undo the damage other men have done in their lives”… and my clients love it. I also want to be careful that this doesn’t begin to look like Counseling, from a liability standpoint. Problem is, my clients to date are not the target I am searching for online since my clients can’t afford “higher-level coaching” which I am trying to attract here online.

    Jason, please forgive me for the length of this Response… I am trying to keep it as short as I can. I would LOVE any and ALL ideas, suggestions and thoughts you may have. I am really looking forward to what you are providing thru Scriptly to significantly help me accomplish these tasks. Thank you so-o-o much in advance. Scott 🙂

    • Jason Drohn

      Reply Reply September 14, 2015

      Hi Scott! Thank you so much for your kind words! After going through your comment here and your LinkedIn profile, it’s pretty apparent that you have a wealth of knowledge for this market; and I agree that professional women, who are feeling overwhelmed, unfulfilled and search for balance is a great market to be in.

      As you stated in your comment, “Problem is, my clients to date are not the target I am searching for online since my clients can’t afford “higher-level coaching” which I am trying to attract here online.”

      How I read that is you’ve got a solution, and you’re looking to better qualify your prospects.

      Here’s what I’d do… Of the women that you talk to and coach, what is the one common denominator among them? Is it work/life balance? Is it time management? Is it the relationships in their life?

      You can indeed have lead magnets that focus on each of those topics individually (and I recommend that you do), but the most impactful topic should be your first one.

      So, if it’s time management, what tips can you write a report about that will be most insightful for them? Is it a specific practice that’ll help them organize their day better? Or an iPhone app that they can use to keep notes? Or a simple way to batch tasks that should be accomplished in a given week?

      Once you assemble a collection of tips, put them in a PDF and give them away as a lead magnet!

      Now, when you go to target ‘professional women’ in your Facebook ads, make sure to use interests, age groups and demographics that more affluent, professional women would like…

      That might be high end handbags, women who like to travel or read certain magazines, or shop at certain grocery stores (think Whole Foods as compared to Walmart).

      The targeting is where you focus on your ideal client. The lead magnet is where you give value.

      I hope that helps!

      If you’d like, I can jump on the phone with you and walk you through it?! Just book a time at http://consultingsession.com/ and I’d be happy to!


      — Jason

      PS. And yes, both the Internal Email Autoresponder Sequences and the Webinar Wizard inside Scriptly would be perfect for you to start setting up a automated system once you start getting leads in the door!

    • Glen

      Reply Reply February 23, 2017

      It seems you know the profile of your ideal prospect well, so you could set up a ‘survey squeeze page’ where you ask visitors to complete answers to specific questions that you formulate

      Then, based on the answers they give, you would send them customized and personalized answers based on how they answered your survey questions.

      This personalized profile you send them, is your lead magnet.

      This takes true prospect personalization to new heights.

      No one is doing this, which I find unbelievable

      But we’ve been doing exactly that in a numbers of niches, and have seen our optin increase 250% – 350%, and conversion go from 3% to 18% to 25% (depending on the market )

      This ‘survey squeeze page strategy’ puts the old ‘traditional’ style squeeze strategy into the dark ages.



  • Mike Sweeney

    Reply Reply September 13, 2015


    I’ve been following you for some time now, even had the chance to speak with you via phone. An offer you extended from one of you Facebook training materials.

    I was so impressed in the fact that we actually talked, it’s hard to not take your Scriptly product and put it into action. I have a very small list going at this time and have been trying to engage on personal levels with my subscribers.

    I think Scriptly would be a great help in getting me where I need to be and go with list building.

    Thanks for all you provide,

    Mike Sweeney

    • Jason Drohn

      Reply Reply September 14, 2015

      Hi Mike! Thank you for reaching out here and on FB!

      What I’ve found is that so many marketers put emphasis on getting the leads and once they have them, they just let them go cold.

      Scriptly is great for helping you set up your email autoresponder to sell products and services, all on autopilot. It doesn’t matter what you sell, there are sequences that’ll help you get the job done – from product sales to webinar promotions to bonding emails…

      At the end of the day, the more automated your autoresponder is, the more you can concentrate on doing the things that’ll help you grow your business!

      — Jason

  • Dennis

    Reply Reply July 13, 2017

    Thanks Jason! I see what you mean about being specific and communicating the level of value that your are offering. It has to be really authentic and attractive. I really think these tips will help me create a lead magnet on trading for beginners. Thank you for these awesome courses. Your guides are amazing!

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