3:1 OptimizePress Tutorial

Today, we’re going to walk through the process of building landing pages or squeece pages with the popular WordPress theme, OptimizePress.

If you don’t have a copy of OptimizePress yet, visit http://optimizepress.com.

Install the theme as normal (follow the installation tutorials from OptimizePress), activate it, add in your API key, and then…

We’ll pick up from there!

Now, below is an example landing page that we run traffic to right now…

Notice, the “Download The Report >>” button? When that button is clicked, an optin box pops up, asking for the prospect’s email address. In most cases, two-step optin boxes like this actually increase the conversion rate of the whole page!

Now, let’s get started on setting a page like this up…


The first thing we’re going to want to do is go to “OptimizePress >> Create New Page” in the sidebar of your WordPress administration area…


Now, give you page a name and click the “Use A Content Template” graphic.


Next, you’re going to either select a template that’s already pre-installed (there are a bunch…)

Or, you’re going to upload one from the OptimizePress Member’s area.


The one that we’re using in Step 1 of this tutorial is one that we created, and it’s already installed…

You can choose any of the other ones available though to start testing!

What we did was use a default template and tweak it through split testing… Now, it’s the one we start with whenever we run a new promotion!

In the next step, we’re going to choose a default template and start customizing it…


The template we’re going to use for this project is the “Clean Style Free Report Opt-In Page.”

Select it and then hit save at the bottom of the page…


One of the main features of OptimizePress is it uses something called the “Live Editor.”

It’s quite a revolution in terms of building your own web pages and landing pages, and is relatively straightforward when you spend some time using it.

What you see here is the default theme, and any point of it is able to be edited…

In the left sidebar, you’ll find all the control for editing different parts of it.


Every ‘row’ on the web page has main control – meaning you can edit the individual attributes of each block…

You can also copy it, duplicate it, move it or delete it.

By mousing over the individual icons, there is a tooltip that displays what that feature does…


Similarly, each element of the web page has edit controls, displayed to the right of the block when you mouse over it…

You can edit, duplicate, control settings, move or delete.

You can also add a new element to the page by clicking on the “Add Element” button.


The first thing we’re going to do is change out the logo.

In the left hand sidebar, click the “Layout Settings” button…


That’ll open up a new window, with quite a few options.

Make sure that the toggle button for “Header & Navigation” is ‘on’ and then click it…


Here’s the main screen for editing the logo and footer.

Make sure that one of the “Logo” options are highlighted. I generally work with the first one, because it’s mobile responsive.


Then, upload your logo by clicking “Select File.”


Navigate to it on your computer, or drag it onto the screen…

Then, click “Insert Into Post” underneath the image!


And it’s uploaded! You can’t see it because it’s white in this example, but it’s there…


Now, you can change the header background color and the URL that the logo will direct users to…


The next thing you’re going to want to do is select the navigation menu, so folks can get around your site…


You’ll also want to selet the footer menu, which probably contains important links like “Terms of Service” and “Privacy Policy.”


Now, your header is updated!


How, we want to update the headline of the landing page…

Mouse over the headline and click on the pencil icon on the right.


That’ll open up a window with a WYSIWYG editor where you can add in your own headline…


We change it out to be one of our own…


Then, scroll to the bottom of the window and hit, “Insert.”


See how easy that was! We’re all updated!


Next, we’re going to update the cover photo of our report – the thing that entices people to opt-in!

Mouse over the book cover, click the pencil icon, and you’ll be met with a window that looks like this…

Upload your e-cover graphic, and hit “Insert Into Post.”


Next, we’re going to add in our own optin form from our Email Marketing provider – Aweber, Infusionsoft, Ontraport…

Whichever you use.

Mouse over the optin box and hit the pencil icon.


A window is going to pop up, looking like this…

Make sure that “Custom Form” is selected in the dropdown menu.

Then, paste your form code into the “Form HTML” field. Your email markeitng provider will have this so it all integrates!


Next, click on “Content,” and change the optin form text…

This is what’s going to go above the optin form, so it’s good to include a call to action here! Something like, “Please enter your email address in the form below.”


Next, you want to set up the button you’ll be using below your optin box…

Click “Submit Button” and then change the text if necessary.

“Free Instant Access” and “Download The Report” are good ones to start testing with…


Now, just go right down through and continue editing (or deleting) elements, based on what you’re giving away to build your list!

(You already know how to do this! Click the “Pencil” icons and edit away!)


Now, make sure to save you page, which makes it live in the system…


Congrats! It’s saved and is now live on your website…


And here it is!


The next thing you’ll need to start doing is getting traffic, so you can get leads!

We have extensive tutorials on Scriptly, relating to getting traffic from sites like Facebook and Google…

You can also set up an action plan call with me directly at http://consultingsession.com/ and I’ll put together a plan for you moving forward!

Talk soon,

— Jason

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