7: Split Testing To Success

It’s no secret, split testing is the difference between paid traffic campaigns that work and ones that don’t.

Listen to anyone who makes a living online, and count the number of times they say, “We’ll test it…”  You’ll be amazed.

You see, professional Internet marketers don’t rely on chance or luck.  They systematically improve campaigns from being duds or ‘average performers’ all the way to serious winners, netting huge profits and returns on their investment!

This tutorial will walk you through the nuts and bolts of setting up a split test, using my favorite tool, “Visual Website Optimizer.”

The first thing to do – go to Visual Website Optimizer (or VWO for short).

If you have an account, great!  If not, sign up for one.


Your dashboard is where all of your campaigns live.  You can quickly see stats on everything you have set up, including the number of visitors, conversions, variations and goals.

I’ve set up hundreds of tests in here, so it can get pretty full, very quickly!


To start a new campaign, click “Create” in the left hand nav bar.

Then, chose the type of campaign that you want to set up.  For the purposes of thsi tutorial, we’re going to split test headlines, based on one control page.

For that, we just need the “A/B Test” campaign.


Next, it’s going to ask you for the URL of the page you want to test.  This will be your “Control” page.

As you can see, we’ll be testing this page: http://k9wellbeing.com/vsl-lander/

After we fill in the URL, hit next at the bottom of the screen…


Now, we’re going to start adding variations into the mix…

VWO will fetch your page so that you can start changing up headlines and colors and stuff.

If you have a problem loading the page in your browser, hit that little shield icon in your URL bar (like what the image is telling you to do!)


Now, we’re at our split test editing screen.

As you’ll soon find out, you can create new variations easily, and change pretty much everything on the page!

We’ll keep it simple for now though…  The main thing you’re going to want to know is that you can edit individual parts of the page by simply mousing over them…

And, the variations box in the lower right is how you add new variations.


At first, you have two variations in the variation box – the control and variation one.

The control is your main page, with no edits.

Variation on is that page you’re on – where you can start switching stuff out.

To add new variations, click the “Add Variation” button.


This test is going to be siimple.  We’re going to test a few different headlines of the page.

This is always where I start.  We need to get the wording right before we start working with button colors and background images.

Mouse over the title of your page, and click it.


Now, a box pops up with a lot of different options.

We’re going to choose “Change Text.”


After choosing “Change Text,” a box appears where you can enter new text…


Go ahead and enter a new headline.  Here, I used “Is your dog putting on weight?”

Then, hit “Done.”


Success – you’ve now got your first variation done!


Now, let’s add a new variation, Variation 3.


Do the same thing.  Mouse over the headline.  Then, click change text.  Then, enter your new headline.


Check out Variation 2!


Keep adding as many variations as you want.

After you’re done, hit “Next.”


Now, we need to enter ‘Conversion Goals.”  Conversion Goals are what triggers a successful conversion.

Usually, these goals are the pages that someone visits after the complete your desired action.

Examples include:

  • Visits to the thank you page after optinn in.
  • Visits to the add to cart page after watching a sales video.
  • Visits to the thank you page after a successful sale.
  • Engaging on a landing page

There are lots of different scenarios you can run through, but tracking visits to a web page is the most common…


We’re going to name this conversion a ‘Lead’ and then give it the URL that will trigger that event.

So, if someone goes to the /vsl-optin/ page, and THEN visits the /vsl/ page, VWO knows that they were successfully converted!

You can also add additional goals, but clicking the “Add Another Goal” link.  Some of my campaigns have 9 or 10 goals tracking them all the way through a sales funnel.


As a second goal, I always added an “Engagement Goal.”

This basically tracks whenever someone interacts with the landing page.  It’s a valuable metric that might come in handy…


Once you’re done, hit “Next.”


Now, go ahead and name your campaign…

If you only want to send a portion of your available traffic, slide that ruler back to your desired amount…

So, if you only want to test 20% of your traffic, this is where you do that!

Once you’re done, hit “Next.”


Your campaign has been successfully created!

Now, we need to install the code on our web pages…


Install the code in the box BEFORE the </head> tag on your website or in your theme.


Different themes and websites do it differently, but if you’re using WordPress and OptimizePress, you go to:

WP Admin >> OptimizePress >> Dashboard


Under Dashboard, go to “Analytics and Tracking.”


Click on ‘Analytics and Tracking,’ and paste that code in the top box (the one that says the code will be located before the </head> tag…


Now, go back to the VWO screen.

Hit the ‘check’ button to check and make sure that the code is set up properly.

Sometimes this takes some time for VWO to figure out that everything is set up correctly, for whatever reason…

So, if you know you’ve done it you can safely skip this step.


Now, hit the “Start Now” button!


After you hit “Start Now,” you’ll be taken to the campaign dashboard.

As you start funneling traffic to your main control page, stats will start to appear here!


And here’s the main dashboard – you’re ready to rock and roll!


If you have any questions at all on getting this set up, or building out your sales funnel in general, make sure to reach out to me!

Keep in mind, even the best list building plugins will need testing of some kind before they are fully deployed!

You can either email support@levelingupllc.com or schedule a call with us at http://consultingsession.com

We’re happy to help!

— Jason


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