How To Create Lead-Getting Landing Pages From Scratch

tools-iconAs an email marketer, there is one page on your website that is at the epicenter of your entire business.

It’s not your home page.  It’s certainly not your contact or support pages.  It isn’t even the pages where you sell your products…

The critical page I’m referring to is your landing page, or squeeze page as it’s called in the Internet marketing circles.

Today, I’m going to walk you through what you’ll need to get a landing page set up, with or without a website…

If you’re following along in order, your landing page is going to tie directly into your email marketing service and autoresponder that we talked about in the last lesson here

Does Ugly Still Work?

Now, over the years, landing pages have gotten a tad bit more sophisticated because of the ‘user experience’ that certain ad networks force on us…  For the most part though, they’re pretty straightforward.

Sure, best practices change from time to time…  Do we put up ugly pages with a big headline?  Do we need graphical pages that look pretty?  Does a double-click optin work better than a straight up form…

In the next few days, I’ll share some of our best practices for generating leads and the nuts and bolts of setting up landing pages.  For the time being though, we’re going to take baby steps…  We’re going to start our conversation talking about the psychology and the tools you’ll need to start getting leads!

The first thing we need to get through is where your landing page will be located online…

Self-Hosted vs. App-Hosted

There are two different ways to set up a landing page – on your own domain with your own web hosting (AKA. self-hosted)…  Or are you planning on using a service that takes care of that for you (AKA. app-hosted).

There are advantages and disadvantages to each, and you’ll have to decide for yourself which you’re more comfortable with.  After all, the leads that you get will be going into your own email marketing software, so those are yours for good…

First, let’s talk about self-hosted landing pages, or setting up and maintaining your own website….

Self-Hosted Landing Pages

To create and host your own website, you absolutely need two things:

  • A domain name
  • Website hosting

The easiest and fastest way to get set up is to go through HostGator.  Choose the domain that you want for your website, pick a hosting package, and then install WordPress.


Now, once you have WordPress installed, adding landing pages is as simple as activating your free Scriptly account, setting up your landing pages and installing a plugin!

Click here to download the SCR Page Plugin >>

That brings me to my next point…  App-Hosted Landing Pages.


App-Hosted Landing Pages

At the end of the day, we know that setting up and maintaining a website is difficult (albeit a very valuable skill if you take the time to learn it!)…  Not to mention all the issues with backups, corrupted databases, faulty code and poorly constructed themes…

We’ve worked with a number of clients who run into issues either in terms of compatibility of plugins, or the simple fact that a theme can’t do what it needs to do to convert traffic into leads.

So, what we did is create software inside Scriptly that makes setting up landing pages and sales pages much easier and way more effective.

Click here to learn about Scriptly’s Page Builder >>

Here’s how simple setting up converting landing pages is…


Up Next…

The next thing we’re going to do is talk about lead magnets, including how to create them, distribute them, and find an interested group of folks who will sign up for them.

The idea with a lead magnet is to give something (of value!) away for free in exchange for their email address.  And yes, this strategy has been around for ever.

Think about the last infomercial or commercial you watched that offered a ‘Free DVD’ or ‘Free Brochure’ for signing up?

Guess what?

That’s a lead magnet.

Well, in the next post, we’re going to talk about how to create them for free or for cheap, so you can start getting some leads in your front door!

Tell us, do you run your own website?  Or does a hosted software tool for your landing pages sound like a better option for you?


  • Steve

    Reply Reply August 19, 2015

    What is your opinion of using for landing pages?

    • Jason Drohn

      Reply Reply August 19, 2015

      Hi Steve!

      Those themes look good! I don’t have any personal experience using them, but I’ve set up similar looking pages with OptimizePress, and have had good results.

      The most important thing is that you can do small things, like change colors, move elements of theme around (like a ecover graphic from the left to the right…) and change headlines easily to make split testing better.

      The important theme is that the theme you choose will work for you and what you’re trying to do with it :0)

      — Jason

  • michal

    Reply Reply February 13, 2016


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