"Copy & Paste Email Template Gave
Me TWO 5-Figure Webinars..."

And I've got a super small list that I only mailed two times last year...
What was I thinking?

JNOoExtCAfter deciding to take one last shot, I pulled $18,000 off of a webinar with my tiny list...

Hi, I'm Dan.  I'm a 38 year old photographer who's been trying to sell my courses and Photoshop plugins to other folks in the business desperately for years.

Don't get me wrong...  I'm a really good photographer.  I make a great living doing it.  The trouble is my primary business is senior portraits, which means that there's a good chunk of the year that I'm not very busy.

So, rather than sit there on my hands, waiting for schools to come back, I've been trying to crack the whole Internet marketing game for years.

No matter what I tried, nothing seemed to work.  Getting photographers to buy my stuff felt so impossible.

I tried everything you can think of - where I:

  • Tried all kinds of software and attended all the Internet marketing events, but I ended up more lost and confused than I was when I got started...
  • Bought into high end, guru 'programs' that sold all the dreams but didn't bring in a dime of revenue.
  • Used complicated software to try and get traffic to my website and onto my email list.

However, all of those things we terribly expensive and none of them seemed to work for me.

I got a few more leads and a sale here and there, but I was banging my head up against the wall trying to figure out how these guys were generating their revenue.  I couldn't understand it.  There was something I was missing.

After about a year, I finally gave up.

I decided that I was just never going to be able to crack the code and  there's nothing to do about it.  After all, I tried everything I could think of.

... Until one talk with a stranger changed everything.

See, I knew I was a good photographer.  I had won awards and knew how to build my own photography business, and people were coming to me 1-on-1 for help.

Translating that into a successful web business had been a nightmare though.

All I had to show for it was an email list of about 1400 people, and I was always ashamed of mailing anything to them.

I didn't want to bother them.  Nor, did I know what I supposed to be sending!

I think I sent out maybe 2 emails ALL of 2015!  Yeah, pretty dumb.  I know.

For someone who wanted to build a business online, I sure wasn't acting like it!

Anyway, I found this guy who was doing really well online, with email marketing, webinars and sales videos.

He wasn't in photography so I knew that he wouldn't be able to give me any tips there, but I figured I'd schedule a call with him and pick his brain a little bit.

It was a few days before Christmas, but I'll never forget.  This one conversation literally changed my life.

Jason got on the phone with me and we talked about the business I was trying to build.  I told him about the stuff I had bought and the things I tried and how I was miserable and ready to through in the towel.

He said, "Dan, your list, your audience, just wants you to show up.  Give it one last try.  I've got this piece of software that'll write your email copy and your webinars for you, and it's free to try.  So, you aren't out anything if it doesn't work."

I liked Jason.  He didn't seem like everyone else in the industry.  He was genuinely trying to help (which is pretty uncommon in this industry!).

All through Christmas break, I sat with it.  I knew I owed it to my wife, who'd been so understanding for YEARS, to try one more time.

And really, that's the worst that could happen?  My list wouldn't like me?  They'd unsubscribe?  This was going to be my last hoorah.  Who cared?!

On Tuesday, January 19th, I set up a webinar called Funky Fashion Seniors...


Here was the landing page I used (the countdown is zero because it's the same one I used!)


This part was pretty easy.  I had done lots of webinars in the past - none of them stuck though despite spending lots of money on coaching programs and training...

The next part - I wasn't sure how to do.

I needed two things:

  • The webinar that I was going to use to promote my product...
  • And the email copy to send out to my list, promoting my webinar.

What I had done in the past is just put together a presentation with some content and a pitch, and it never worked out too well for me.

I knew that there was an approach to webinar sales, but I didn't have any real idea how to write them!

First things first though.  I needed to get people signed up for the webinar BEFORE I figured out how to sell them!

I had a list of a little over 1400 people in Aweber.  Maybe I'd get a few signups from there?  Keep in mind, I had only mailed to them 2 times in ALL of last year so they were pretty cold...

Now, what to mail them.

I remembered Jason had said something about this Scriptly software, and how it'd write my emails for me.  He said that it was the same copy he used...

So, I created my account, logged in, and wrote my Webinar Promotion Emails...  Actually, 'wrote' is a strong word.  I really clicked a few buttons, answered some questions, and Scriptly spit out my copy for me.

Between January 16th and January 19th, I mailed those emails to my list, following the time prompts in the email autoresponder.

  • Email 1: Mail out Day 1
  • Email 2: Mail out Day 2
  • Email 3: Mail out Day 3
  • Email 4: Mail out Day 4 at 7AM EST
  • Email 5: Mail out Day 5 one hour before the webinar

Here's a shot from Aweber....



Honestly, I set up the emails and didn't even log back in until a few hours before the webinar.  In my mind, I was going to either sink or swim.  After all, this was my last ditch effort.

I logged back into Scriptly, and started writing my webinar.  Again, it was pretty easy.  Answer some questions, hit submit, and the PowerPoint was generated.

It only took about 15 minutes which was surprising; and then another 30 minutes to add images and make my final edits.

Now, I just had to wait.

Right before the webinar, I logged into Aweber to see what happened.  As predicted, some of the emails I sent bounced.  Others, people we unsubscribing.  I got a few reply emails asking who I was...  They hadn't heard from me in forever.

I knew this wasn't going to work...  But then...

I logged into my webinar software.

What I saw SHOCKED me.


What?  The most I had EVER had sign up for a webinar was 36 people.

Granted, I only ever sent out one email letting people know about it...  Could the email copy REALLY be that good?

I had posted the link in a few Facebook groups...  But still!  795 registered!

About then - 25 minutes before I was going live - I started to have a panic attack.

Is what I have going to sell?  Are they going to be disappointed?  Will they feel like they wasted their time?

A million thoughts rushed through my head...  And very slowly...

I started to realize that this is what I wanted.  THIS is what building a business online looked like.

Then, quickly, my panic turned into excitement.

I knew I was a good photographer.  I knew what I had would benefit other people.  Now, it's time to put all of my experience and failed attempts to the test and see what I could do.

So, I logged into the webinar software, hit "Go Live," and welcomed everyone to the call.

After all, if I failed miserably, at least I could blame the Scriptly software because it's what wrote the webinar :0)

68 minutes later...

Sales started rolling in.

I'm not talking about a few sales either.  I'm talking THOUSANDS of dollars.

At the end of day 1, I was $4380 richer!

Let me repeat that.  My last ditch effort - a webinar that I didn't even write - made me $4380.

That's when I remembered seeing a "Webinar Replay Sequence" inside Scriptly...

I logged back in, filled out the form for that email series, and it wrote up another 6 emails for me to mail out, with days and times to mail.

About 3 hours after the biggest webinar of my life, I mail out the 'replay link,' copying and pasting Scriptly's emails and following the guidelines.

I took this email sequence a LOT more seriously.  After all, I just made $4300...

The first email was sent.  Emails two and three were scheduled.  This email series was a beast too.  After day three, the emails went heavy into promoting the offer and then closed down the discount code!

I heard that scarcity was a good thing to use in marketing.  It's time to test it!

In the meantime, I texted Jason and told him about what happened...

Day 1 replay email went out.  Sales came in.

Day 2 replay email went out.  MORE sales came in.

I followed Scriptly's sequence to the letter, closing out the promotion...

What resulted was the biggest single revenue generating month of my life.

$18,012 in sales in less than 6 days.

I couldn't believe it.  I had to tell Jason about what his software could do.



It turns out...

Scriptly has created these kinds of results for LOTS of people, promoting lots of different types of products!

In February, I ran a 'Flash Sale' with Scriptly's email copy and made about $2300.  Granted, it was only a $37 product, but we got a ton of sales!

Check this message to Jason:


In April, I did another webinar for a different product.  Again, Scriptly wrote the email copy and the webinar...

My goal was $15,000.


We ended at $16,234!


It's crazy to think that a piece of software can create the marketing material you need to get these kinds of results, but it's true.

In fact, I'm sitting here today writing this letter to you because I genuinely want to help your business succeed.

I know it doesn't always seem like it, but there are a few great folks out there like Jason, who will be in your corner and offer a piece of software like Scriptly that'll help take some of the pain out of writing emails and webinars for you.

As you can see, my business has a new life because of Scriptly, and if you have an email list (or are trying to build one!), you'll be well served signing up for a free account.

I can fully recommend, without any reservations, Scriptly's emails templates and webinar creator to anyone who wants to grow their business online, fast!

If you're building a web-based business and you've struggled getting your email list engaged, responsive and buying, you owe it to yourself to watch Jason's presentation right here.

Turn up your speakers and click the play button to watch now.

Download Your Email Sequences >>

I really hope that it has even a fraction of the impact on your business that it has one mine because the information you're about to learn has changed the way I market online forever.